Drones for the future

RAAD DYNAMICS is an emerging exclusively Canadian dealer of High Quality Beginners, Hobby and Professional Drones. Our selection and inventory keeps on growing as our customer base rapidly expands.Buying a Drone is an exciting opportunity. Whether it’s a small foldable quadcopter for your kid, a brushless motor powered racer with incredible speed, or a gravity defying GPS Drone with an amazing camera, everyone deserves to have the unique “Eye in the Sky” experience by a drone that meets their needs. At RAAD DYNAMICS we provide the best upgraded drones at the most affordable price.


RAAD DYNAMICS Racing class features Fast High Speed drones manufactured by MJX RC. These amazing quadcopters possess several advanced features such as improved range, flight time and speed. Racing Drones provides a sporty feeling with amazing maneuverability and burst of speed while flying and gaining altitude.

These drones are meant for slightly experienced users and do take time getting used to. Equipped with Brushless motors they have enhanced Aerodynamic stability, Traction control and Lesser noise. Drones come with very responsive transmitters and high quality 720P/1080P 2MP+ Camera. Our Inventory continues to expand as new MJX Drones are developed. Keep checking this page for new MJX Products.


The FPV WiFi Drones are Entry level Quadcopters meant for both Beginners and Moderately Experienced Fliers. Easy to control, these drones come with attractive features such as Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flip, 720P 2MP Wide Angle Camera and WiFi Connectivity. Limited Range and Altitude allows the operator to keep the drone within visual sight.
Be Sure to check out the Review videos for all models in their description! . All Quads are QC tested and guaranteed to provide fun and entertainment.